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Alok Maurya

After grad school, I was searching for a creative hobby that would would also benefit others. I made an Android App, Learn ICSE Java. During my education too, I gave tuition to my juniors. After sometime I uploaded a few video lectures on YouTube, which were really helpful for the students. And since then this journey started.

How may I help you?

” Tell me and I forget. Teach me and I remember. Involve me and I learn. ” – Benjamin Franklin


Amplify Learning

This YouTube channel is created to spread education and making the learning concept easy for nosy learners. Become a part of our family. Let us grow together.


Notes & Solutions

Become a part of our family. You will get free notes and solution to all your problems. Just stay tuned.


Learn Java App

Learn Java App opens the gates for you to learn Java programming. If you're in school, preferably ICSE board, its the best computer learning app for you.


Learn Topography App

Here is a app that gives you everything for solving a topographical map as required for the ICSE Geography Board Exam. Tips, Guidance, Revision Notes, and Study Material - Topographical Maps ICSE Class 10.